Please read for more information about digital files (downloads).

What Am I Buying? You're buying a .jpg file, high-resolution, with a limited-use license. The "limited" doesn't refer to the number of prints or places you can put it, but simply that I have set limits on what you can and cannot do with it. The full text of the license is available to read before you buy, but in the most basic terms, you may:

  1. Make unlimited numbers of prints, books, mugs, calendars, projects, t-shirts, whatever, provided that you do not use these to make a profit
  2. Post on websites, social networks, etc., provided you are promoting yourself, the dog/child/item in the photo or someone associated with such; again, no profits may result. Credit must be given to In High Drive, either by retaining a visible watermark or providing a text/hyperlink credit visible on the same page as the photos
  3. There is no additional charge to use the photos in an advertisement that meets the above criteria - e.g, promoting the dog in a breed magazine
  4. You may not, however, transfer these rights to anyone else, sell the photo, or use the photo in any way that I deem objectionable (e.g., promoting violence. This has never happened but I reserve the right, just in case - that's my name on the photo!)

Bulk Purchases.  Prices for digital files decrease steeply as you buy more, depending on the gallery. (Certain files are already at a discount due to poor lighting that makes the photos unsuitable for enlargements.) To buy at a discount, select the package first, then populate the package with your chosen photos. Otherwise the files will go into the shopping cart at the a la carte price, no matter how many you buy. So, if you wish to buy 20 downloads, select the "Ten Downloads" package and populate it twice. Custom numbers of download packages can be created. I can't make Zenfolio automagically decrease the price point at certain quantities, so work with me here.

Also remember that you can go in with a friend to hit a higher package and get a better deal. If you can't make it work or you have a poor internet connection, contact me. I can put files on a CD and mail it, but it costs slightly more and takes longer.

DO NOT SCAN PRINTS - this is a violation of copyright, but most importantly, why would you convert digital to analog and then back again? It looks terrible, especially from a matte print. If you bought a print and need a digital file for an ad or contest, contact me.